Keiko Shih Tzu

Throwback Thursday, Long Hair.
May 4, 2017, 12:20 pm
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I missed his long hair.


Long Hair Gone
May 31, 2016, 7:18 pm
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  It’s been a while since my last post, I have been really busy lately and you can tell by the picture. Finally I got the courage to take Keiko to the groomer and get him a new look. 

I wasn’t completely sure about taking this step, but I had no choice since my work schedule is getting busy and grooming him and his sister Mia every day was very time consuming. So I did it, from now on Keiko will have a short hair cut, but I’m not disappointed…I love the way he looks, plus I think he feels better that way, he looks and behaves like a puppy again. 

No Bows Need it.
August 2, 2014, 3:10 pm
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It’s hard to find boy bows, most bows have girly colors and details.

I’m getting bored of the same bows for Keiko, so from time to time a like to leave his piggy tails without any bows and he still looks handsome.


Full Coat Shih Tzu.
June 21, 2014, 11:12 am
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I been asked by people if keeping my Shih Tzu with full coat doesn’t hurts the dog, that’s silly, why would that hurt the dog if it’s something in his nature right? It may if the owner doesn’t groom the dog on the daily basics and the hair gets matted them that will be causing a skin problem for the dog.

I groom Keiko every day and look through his coat to make sure there’s not matted areas, and check his skin health.

Some one also asked me why if Keiko is a boy he it’s wearing bows, that’s because this person doesn’t know anything about long hair Shih Tzu’s and wearing bows isn’t a gentler think is more like a ancient way to identified the breed with long hair.

This is more like an art on a fashion way, Keiko it’s a boy I know that and that’s the reason he always have boy team bows and boy color bows as well.

He has healthy skin and hair and cutting it right now wouldn’t be fair for all my hard work to maintain his long hair, besides he it’s so used to his grooming routing since he was a puppy that cutting the hair will make him feel weird.


Back line
June 22, 2013, 5:32 pm
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I’m always love to see the line on Keiko’s back afther his grooming section, before he shakes whene I’m done.


Grooming Section: How to do Pigtails
May 14, 2013, 11:46 am
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En este pequeño tutoríal fotográfico puedes aprender como hacer un par de pigtails, paso a paso.

In this little photo tutorial you can learn how to make a pair of pigtails, step by step.

Peina tu Shih Tzu completamente para evitar que tenga enredos en su pelo y sea mas manejable al momento de hacer los pigtails, y separar el pelo por la mitad.

You must brush your Shih Tzu to avoid any tangles  before you start on the pigtails, and split hair on the middle.

Step #1
Paso #1 Comienza por hacer dos colitas al frente usando ligas de latex.

Step #1 Start by making two tails on the front using latex bands.
Step #2
Paso #2 Hacer dos colitas mas en la parte trasera de la cabeza usando ligas de latex.

Step #2 Do another two tails on the back of the head using latex bands.

Step #3

Paso #3 Asi es como se tiene que ver al hacer las cuatro colitas.

Step #3 This is how the four tails have to look.

Step #4

Paso #4 Unir una de las colitas del frente con una de atras y sujetar con una liga de latex.

Step #4 splice one of the front tails with one from the back and tide it with a latex band.

Step #5

Paso #5 Sigue el paso cuatro para ambos lados derecha/izquierda pigtails.

Step #5 Follow step four for both right/left pigtails.

Step #6

Paso #6 Terminaste, ahora ya puedes ver que lindo se ve tu Shih Tzu con su par de pigtails.

Step #6 Done, now you can see how cute your Shih Tzu looks with a pair of pigtails.


Para esto necesitas un peine con cola de raton para poder partir el cabello y seis ligas de latex de 1/4 de tamaño.

For this you are going to need a comb with tail to split the hair and six latex bands size 1/4.